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The mod launcher is 100% free and can be downloaded here. You can browse the games and mods that are available here.

You can become a Patron to unlock mods upto 2 weeks earlier than the public release. We will try to release the majority of mods to the public. Currently mods that take a significant amount of time or effort will be reserved exclusively for Patrons.

Please login to access Patron only features such as linking your Patreon account to your mod launcher which will unlock exclusive mods and give you early access to other mods.

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The best way to support us is by becoming a Patron. You can also give us a once off donation via PayPal:

We appreciate all of the support we can get, even just playing our mods, and sharing them with other people is highly appreciated!

What We've Been Up To...

Hi guys! It's been a while.

We wanted to give you guys a progress update to let you know what we've been working on over the past few months.


This update is still a work in progress, and we will release more information when it's available to use, or as we polish off the features, depending on how long it takes.

Why so quiet?

This project is a software development project, and we can work on the underlying code base for weeks without anything that is visible to you.

We also need to do a significant amount of "Research and Development" to figure out how to create the best possible product for you guys to enjoy -- We're going to talk about some of the R&D we've done below, to give you a taste of where our time and effort has gone.

We've had to study and learn a significant amount of new technologies and have invested thousands of hours of our time to get to this stage.

Alpha Release

We plan to release an alpha build in the future for our new launcher (and website) -- Details to follow, however, the old mod launcher will remain active / usable until our alpha is stable enough for everyone to make a transition over.

New Launcher

This launcher still needs a few more runs through to polish up and ultimately make it a lot nicer, but we wanted to at least show you the current version, do expect it to improve the next time you see it:

We've rebuilt the launcher from the ground up in a brand new framework (Electron), focusing on making the experience reliable, user friendly and allowing for much more customisation of games.

Universal Unity Games Support

A large focus for this release is supporting a much larger library of Unity based games -- Our new modding method no longer requires patching of files, and will work even AFTER the game has been launched.

We have tested this across a library of more than 15 games and the launcher has worked for all Unity based games we've tried it with -- previously we needed to manually add support on a game by game basis which could take weeks just for a single game -- this is a huge time save now that games "just work".

Streamlined Mod Development Process

Our new launcher makes it a lot easier to create new mods, meaning we will have the ability to release mods on a more frequent basis -- our hope is to eventually allow any of you to create mods, with the support of a tutorial series we aim to produce.

Universal Mods

We now have the ability to create what we call a "universal mod" -- A mod that works across more than one game. Our first proof of concept universal mod allows you to change the gravity and game speed (timeScale) of any Unity game in real time. We're exploring other possibilities for mods that will make sense to work across multiple games.

Key Binds

This is a feature we already released in our existing mod launcher, however, it's been polished and improved since the last release -- This essentially allows you to bind mod options to keys, for example, you could create a key bind to spawn fish when pressed, or interact with any of the options within the launcher.

Content Creation & Exploration Tools

We have spent a lot of time building some awesome new tools which work universally across all Unity based games (that we've tested). These include:

Inspector - View all of the Game Objects that are in the level (scene), allows you to change values in real time, explore the underlying game functionality, and essentially create (non-persistent) mods in game in real time :) This is super fun to play with FYI :) Prefab Editor - Ever want to customise the stats, textures, or really any of the values in the game? This tool lets you explore all of the prefabs, and PERSISTENTLY edit any of the properties and underlying textures of the prefab. Level Browser - Ever wonder if there's hidden maps in a game? Ever get stuck on a level? We've created a tool that lets you easily move between any level (scene) in Unity based games. We're currently undergoing R&D for allowing custom maps, however, custom maps are still in a very early phase of R&D. SDK - This is likely something that won't ship with the Alpha release, however our SDK (Software Development Kit) allows anyone to easily create a mod that integrates directly with the mod launcher itself -- Our vision is to polish the SDK, create a modding tutorial series, and teach you guys how to make mods using our launcher.

We'll do some updates in the future to show you these tools working, and again, once they are all polished to a state that's user friendly, expect to see most of them in the Alpha :)

Thanks for the support!

Thanks a lot to all of those that have provided support or been a fan throughout this process -- we will continue to develop the Mod Launcher, create new mods, and hopefully deliver something that you all can really enjoy. Stay tuned, we'll be back with more updates in the future, and an Alpha for you all to try :)