What Have We Been Working On?

A very special hello to all of our Patrons. As you have probably noticed, we haven't posted many new mods or modding related videos lately. There is a VERY good reason for this though, we have been coding non-stop to deliver a much better experience for everyone.

As seen in the attached preview picture, we have made an external Mod Launcher program which will automatically detect your game, patch it with our Mod Loader and enable you to install and update mods simply by ticking their check box.


Automatic updates to mods and mod loader.

Automatically patches the game if the developers update the game.

No more hard installation, simply run the Mod Launcher and click patch.

Multi-Game support; we are now able to support many unity games, not just Feed and Grow: Fish. (example: Amazing Frog!)

Link your Patreon Account to the Mod Launcher = early access to mods!

This Mod Launcher is VERY close to being ready for everyone to use, please stay tuned and we will post more information shortly! :)