New Mods, New Game Support, New Skins + MORE!

Hello guys, before we get into what we've been working on, I just wanted to let you all know that we have released the Custom Fish Toolkit to everyone for FREE. Simply download the Mod Launcher from and you will have instant access to create custom skins, export the fish models from the game and even publish skins which can be approved and added to our website, all for FREE. Here are 2 example Custom Fish we've created for you.




Added the ability to choose a username / change username on the AzzaMods website. Added the ability to share custom fish via the Mod Launcher (Custom Fish Toolkit). Added sections in the Mod Launcher so it is much clearer what you have access to based on your Patreon Tier. You can now see what updates are available to each Tier. Added an option to export Fish models as an OBJ via the Mod Launcher to make custom skins much easier to create (You can create custom UV's and re-import them into the game). Added the ability to post comments onto packages such as the custom skins. Added a highlight around the `patch` button to make it more obvious when the game is un-patched. Added support for 60 Parsecs! Added 60 Parsecs Essentials mod which can allow you to have infinite soup. Added Environment Editor Mod that allows you to make the water see through, create deeper oceans, completely remove water and more. Added custom Airbus Beluga XL Skin.


Fixed some issues with the sitemap as reported from Google. Fixed API routing code to be much more clean. Fixed more issues with the download / enable mod button location. Improved Mod Launcher loading speed. Fixed an issue where the Mod Launcher wouldn't tell you that there's been an update. Fixed issues where the checkboxes wouldn't highlight to show you which mods are enabled. Fixed broken Patreon API due to Patreon rolling out API breaking changes without notifying developers (cloudflare captcha). Fixed a bug where legacy options would remain in the mod launcher even if they were removed. Fixed an exception that would be raised if you close and then open the Mod Launcher window without exiting. Fixed many 'behind the scenes' issues.

Environment Editor Mod