Massive Mod Launcher Re-Write + New Game Support

You will need to re-download the Mod Launcher via the WEBSITE due to some compatibility issues with our update system.
Additionally, all previous mods are broken, however, we have pushed a new update for each of these to fix the compatibility issues, which can be downloaded from the Mod Launcher as per the normal Mod Release Schedule.

Why did everything break?
We have been experimenting with adding support for a lot more games, we've modified our SDK to allow us to do this but in the process, we have found several underlying issues that prevented us from moving forward, and this is essentially why we had to push this VERY IMPORTANT update. Going forward, we hopefully won't experience any more major issues such as this, and mod releases will likely be much more frequent.


Added a lot more transparency as to what the Mod Launcher is doing (downloading mods, installing mods, downloading launcher updates, etc). Redesigned a majority of the AzzaMods website, including improved UI, improved the backend, made the website more stable, + more. Added support for Clone Drone in the Danger Zone! Added Clone Drone Essentials Mod which includes the following options:
- Infinite Points
- Infinite Energy
- Unlock Locked Abilities
- 360° Projectile Deflection


Re-wrote a lot of the Mod Launcher from scratch to be more robust and future proof. Re-wrote a lot of server code to better optimize performance.


Fixed search box inside Feed and Grow Fish New Selection Screen Mod. Fixed anti-virus software flagging the Mod Launcher as a virus. (this is an ongoing process) Fixed a glitch where all fish would spawn on all maps.

Want to give the new and improved AzzaFortysix Mod Launcher a try? Simply click HERE to download it for free!