Hello guys, just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year and share with you this update.

A Quick Custom Fish Demo

We've added a brand new mod, the Custom Fish Toolkit which allows you to edit the skins and stats of any fish in Feed and Grow Fish via the Mod Launcher.

We plan to extend the functionality of the Custom Fish Toolkit to allow Custom Models and Animations to be added into the game and to allow Custom Fish to be shared with other people.


Added Custom Fish Toolkit for Feed and Grow Fish Added a tray icon for the Mod Launcher to allow the Mod Launcher and the Mods to communicate with each other, this is used as part of the Custom Fish Toolkit Added the option to Launch Games via the Mod Launcher Added button to restore games to original state / uninstall patches Added new Whats New tab to the Mod Launcher Started work on a Media tab for the Mod Launcher


Fixed critical bug with the Updating Mechanism for the Mod Launcher Fixed bug that prevented people from downloading and enabling mods with lower resolution screens Optimized website code Fixed bugs which would cause the buttons to become unclickable Fixed Bugs in Networking Code

Custom Fish Toolkit