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Feed and Grow Fish

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Description: Adds freaking lasers to your shark! Hold 'SPACE' to shoot the laser, numpad+ and numpad- to change the scale.
Options Include: 
  • Turn Laser On
  • Laser Size
Description: Makes the selection screen much nicer and more friendly to use, allows for the spawning of fish.
Options Include: 
  • Live Data
  • Fish Spawn Level
  • Color (r)
  • Color (g)
  • Color (b)
  • Fish Spawn Force
  • Spawn Fish
  • Spawn Meat
  • Kill All Fish
  • Remove All Meat
Description: Adds a series of enhancements including unlock all fish, infinite coins, unlimited oxygen, unlimited sprinting, and camera fixes. All individually controllable via options.
Options Include: 
  • Unlock All Fish
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Oxygen
  • Unlimited Sprint
  • Unlimited Zoom
  • Remove Camera Water Clipping
Description: You become what ever fish you eat, with the option for all fish to become what they eat.
Options Include: 
  • All Fish Are What They Eat
Restricted to Elite Patrons
Description: Allows you to change visual options such as disabling fog, making the oceans deeper, making the oceans invisible and removing water completely.
Options Include: 
  • Remove Above Water Fog
  • Invisible Water
  • Reset Water Height
  • Water Height Adjustment
Description: Adds more variety to the fish.
Options Include: 
  • Fish Min Spawn Level
  • Fish Max Spawn Level
  • Random Fish Colors