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The Mod Launcher has been downloaded 252,208 times.

Prerequisites / Requirements:

The following packages need to be downloaded and installed. These are very common packages and it's likely you'll already have these installed if you're using Windows 10. They can be downloaded from Microsoft using the links below:

Road Map

View our road map and our future plans for the Mod Launcher here.

About the Mod Launcher

The Mod Launcher automatically manages updates, and will notify you when it detects a new version so you can stay up to date.

You need to have the Mod Launcher running for mods to work within the game, the game will automatically launch the mod launcher if it isn't already running.

If you do face any issues with the Mod Launcher then you should download the latest version from this page.

If you're still stuck, or have any questions for us, we provide free support via our Discord server which is free to join.

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